Unique wedding favors make your wedding preferable and beautiful. So choose wedding favors that are more popular with your guests. Here are 20 wedding favors you need to know.

#1 - A personalized soda drinks

wedding favor-1

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

#2 - A small bottle of bubbly champagne

wedding favor-2

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography

#3 - Dessert Favors

wedding favor-3


#4 - Chocolate and candy favors

wedding favor-4

Photo By theweddingoutlet.com

#5 - Edible Favors

wedding favor-5

Photo By theweddingoutlet.com

#6 - Wedding Petal Favor Cones

wedding favor-6

Photo By etsy.com

#7 - Mini honey that says "Meant to Bee"

wedding favor-7

Photo By  Sarah & Ben

#8 - Bridal shower gift

wedding favor-8

Photo By etsy.com

#9 - Cute favor bottle with the mixed nuts inside

wedding favor-9

Photo By Taylor Street Favors

#10 - DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

wedding favor-10

Photo By Coastal Bride

#11 - DIY Wedding Plant Favors

wedding favor-11

Photo By IntimateWeddings.com

#12 - DIY Wedding Favor Candles

wedding favor-12

Photo By Soap Queen

#13 - Tea cups

wedding favor-13

Photo By rusticweddingchic.com

#14 - Nail Polish Wedding Favor DIY

wedding favor-14

Photo By Soap Queen

#15 - Personalized Wood Beer Bottler Opener

wedding favor-15

Photo By thebestmangifts.com

#16 - Personalized Wedding Lollipop Favors with Bows

wedding favor-16

Photo By David's Bridal

#17 - Adorable milk jar wedding favor container

wedding favor-17

Photo By myweddingfavors.com

#18 - Jars of homemade salsa

wedding favor-18

Photo By brides.com

#19 - Simple blue flowers wedding party favors

wedding favor-19

Photo By melissablackburn.net

#20 - Blanket Wedding Favors

wedding favor-20

Photo By pinterest.com