In western culture, an engagement ring indicates that the wearer is engaged and will get married in the future. It is usually presented by one person to his / her future spouse on a formal occasion. Engagement rings can have gemstones, diamonds in particular. People usually wear engagement rings on their left ring fingers.

Though engagement rings are usually worn by the bride-to-be, recently men’s engagement rings have become increasingly popular. Currently, there are men’s engagement rings available in a variety of styles, which makes it difficult to select from. Despite the difficulties, there are norms to follow.

Choose design style:

1. Simple style

A simple engagement ring usually indicates that it is cheaper and affordable. The choices include gold or silver rings that do not feature any extra design or ornamental gemstones. Or if you want something fashionable, a titanium ring with brushed shank or beveled edges would perfectly represent your fashion taste.

2. Modern style

A highly polished tungsten carbide ring is ideal for a man whose style has a modern vibe.  Alternatively, you may consider a black-plated titanium ring with inlays that consist of multiple colors such as green or blue.

3.Natural style

Natural style is inspired by nature. Our black ceramic ring with camo inlay is a good example. It looks innovative and masculine. It is perfect for people who love outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing.

ceramic ring with camo inlay

Choose according to lifestyle:

1. Life centered on outdoor activities

People who love outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting or camping, are advised to choose rings that have higher resistances to scratches. Tungsten carbide ring, which is renowned for its impressive grade in the Mohs hardness test,  becomes a natural option for these people. Because its high grade in the test indicates that its resistance to scratches is much higher than those who earn lower scores, for instance, gold and silver.

2. Fast-paced lifestyle

People who live fast-paced lives, are advised to choose durable rings that are light-weight and comfortable to wear. Ceramic ring is light-weight. Most importantly, ceramic ring does not react with body chemicals like sweat, which makes it ideal choice for business people whose schedule involves many business travels.

3. Life centered on family

For people who place the highest value on their family, they might consider platinum rings. Like rings made from valuable metals such as gold, platinum rings can be viewed as a property and be passed down to their next generation.