When looking for a ring, priority should be given to safety and comfort. One safety concern is whether the material of a ring will cause any allergic reaction. We know that even gold causes allergic reaction. This leads people to search for substitutes such as ceramics, which do not contain copper or cobalt, the allergy culprits under many circumstances. Ceramic ring often comes in comfort fit, which further adds to its popularity.

What is the raw material for ceramic rings?

Ceramic might immediately remind you of the tableware you use at home. However, different from that, ceramic in ceramic rings is actually jewelry grade zirconium ceramic, which is also known as titanium carbide.  In terms of hardness and luster, zirconium ceramic is comparable to tungsten carbide. Due to the fact that it is a composite of titanium, it is much lighter than tungsten carbide.

The Advantages of ceramic rings


Its primary advantage is hypoallergenic. If you have someone around who is allergic to metals, a ceramic ring is a perfect option for the person. Since zirconium ceramic is non-metallic, which means that it is not a metal, it is very friendly to people who suffer from skin allergies.

Very affordable

If you have ever had the experience of strolling around and looking for a ring, you must know how much money you shall squander on gold, silver or platinum rings. Compared to these rings, if you opt for a ceramic ring, you only need to spend a tiny part of the budget for a ring say gold ring. Ceramic ring’s very competitive price has made it a new favorite for many people who have small budgets.

Very durable

Speaking of ceramic ring’s advantages, it is necessary to mention its durability. If you are impressed by platinum or stainless steel rings’ durability, the truth is that ceramic rings are more durable than them. In the Mohs scale hardness test, zirconium ceramic earns 9, which means the substance is extremely hard, which further means that it is highly resistant to scratches.

How to take care of ceramic rings?

Like tungsten carbide rings, ceramic rings only need mild dishwasher and water to clean, which means that they really need little care. However, do not use harsh cleansers in cleaning your ring as these cleaners might destroy the luster of the ring.

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels