Titanium and stainless steel rings have become increasingly popular recently for mainly two reasons: their affordable prices and duration. For those who already purchased titanium rings or stainless steel rings, they would agree to the suggestion that rings made from these materials are sold at a much lower price than rings made from gold, silver or platinum. For those who have already worn their rings for a while, they would be willing to admit that a ring made from titanium or stainless steel is much more resistant to scratches or chemical corrosion that people could not avoid encountering in daily life.

There are a number of merits about titanium that we could list here. It is known to all that this metal has been applied widely in the industries including aerospace, ship building, and construction. It is favored by aerospace engineers because of its extreme light weight which contrasts with its hardness. Compared to traditional ring metals such as gold, silver and platinum, it is much more durable because it does not corrode easily or tarnish easily. In addition, it is very skin friendly.

Most of us are familiar with stainless steel which is widely used in making kitchen appliances. It is also widely adopted in medical areas, for which it has a special name “surgical stainless steel”. It is also used in architecture. For example, the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis is made of stainless steel. Like titanium ring, stainless steel ring does not corrode easily. It is durable which can be proved by the quality of any stainless steel kitchen tool in your kitchen.

Since for making jewelry, titanium is not alloyed with metals such as cobalt that triggers skin allergies, people who are prone to allergies can rest assured that their titanium rings would not bring them such troubles.

According to survey, titanium jewelry is very popular with male customers. The speculation about the popularity is that male customers might be attracted by its light weight, strength and longevity. The above-stated quality might further shroud titanium jewelry with a halo of brilliance.

Another difference between titanium and stainless steel rings is that stainless steel has the possibility of triggering skin allergies because of some substance being added to it. Though they appear to be silvery white, titanium ring looks darker.

Overall, titanium and stainless steel rings share many similarities. Without close examination, it is not easy to tell them apart based on their colors. Both are more resistant to scratches and corrosion than gold, silver and platinum. When brushed or polished or plated, both look like the twins of those traditional metals. In addition, gemstones can be embedded in them like they are in traditional metals.

Both types of rings are perfect for wedding rings. If you plan on getting married and look for wedding rings, go ahead and choose one that is agreeable with your budget, your requirements and your plan for the future. As long as your choice is based on your heart’s desire, you cannot go wrong.