1 What is a promise ring

The promise ring is usually the first symbol of the promise of two people in a romantic relationship. When you give someone a promise ring, it means you promise to love that person forever. However, giving someone a promise ring does not mean proposing a marriage. The promise ring is usually when the couple is not married, for whatever reason. Many times, both parties wear a promise ring to represent their commitment to each other.

What is a promise ring mean for a girlfriend?

Perhaps, the most common meaning of a promise ring is a commitment to a relationship that is about to be engaged for couples. When a girl thinks she has found her Mr. Right but isn't ready to get married, the promise ring is also known as the pre-engagement ring. Choosing a suitable ring, the best expression of meaning and emotion is very important. More importantly, she wears this ring every day and will be proud to show it to her family and friends. It is a symbol of a serious relationship and a symbol of the future of each other.

What is a promise ring mean from a boyfriend?

In addition to expressing love, the promise ring sent by a boyfriend will also mean a lot of meaning. For example, he will always be loyal to the girl and keep his promise. It also shows that his feelings for the girl are serious and will stay with her forever. And it promised to abstain from bad habits (gambling, alcohol, smoking). The promise ring is a good testimony.

2 What finger does a promise ring go on?

The promise ring is generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand as the wedding ring until it is replaced by a formal engagement ring. Although it is a good thing if the style of the ring matches the rest of the wedding jewelry, people usually don't wear the promise ring and the engagement ring on the same finger, this will make you look like you're married. Normally, once a woman has her engagement ring or wedding ring, the promise ring will be moved to the right ring finger.

# 3 How much does a promise ring cost?

Like other jewelry, the price of promise ring ranges from cheap to expensive. Simple gold or sterling silver rings without gems usually cost tens or hundreds of dollars, while more expensive rings with diamonds and other gems can reach thousands of dollars or more. 

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