We like summer, enjoy salty air on the beach, the sound of sand and waves between the toes. At the beach, wearing a huge sun hat, wearing colorful bikinis and bold sunglasses, and then wearing the favorite jewelry, which will be more beautiful.

But here is a very important question: Can you wear sterling silver jewelry to swim in the sea? 

The simple answer to this question is no.

Don't bring the most precious jewels to the beach. If it is finally buried under the sea, you will lose it forever. Never wear a sterling silver ring to swim.


Why can't you wear a sterling silver ring to swim?

Although water generally does not damage sterling silver, water does make the silver oxidize or darken more quickly. Sterling silver jewelry is a good match for your beachwear, but don't go into the water with them. In some cases, pure silver will be damaged when exposed to sea water. Cold water actually shrinks your fingers and makes your ring slip easily. When swimming, there is not only the risk of losing valuable jewelry, but also salt water and sand, which can damage jewelry. And seawater is corrosive and, if possible, leaves residues that need to be removed.


The water in the swimming pool also contains varying degrees of chlorine. In the summer, you can enjoy a lot of time in the swimming pool, but don't wear sterling silver. Another place where chlorine is found is usually higher in hot water baths. Chlorine not only makes the silver tarnish, but the heat of the water also makes it tarnish, and this damage may be irreversible.


If your sterling silver jewelry accidentally touches the sea, don't despair. Here are some precautions for exposing your silver jewelry to water. Wash the jewellery with soap and water as soon as possible, then dry thoroughly. If you have not waited too long and can clean quickly, your jewelry may avoid irreversible damage.


How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing?

Water itself does not cause damage to sterling silver. In fact, we recommend gently washing the jewellery with soap and water to keep the jewellery clean and help restore luster. When your sterling silver jewelry is placed in the water for a short time, then dry it with a soft cloth and it will not cause any damage. Water is not the chief culprit in sterling silver damage. The real culprit is the chemicals in the water.



If you really like sterling silver jewelry, don't immerse your jewelry in a swimming pool, hot tub or sea water.

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