In recent years, tungsten has become one of the most popular metals for wedding bands. It is a stylish, affordable choice for modern wedding band designs with excellent wearability. Unlike gold or white gold that is well suited for almost everyone, tungsten has a distinct personality. You may have worn jewelry before, and you may be clear about your sense of style. However, tungsten commands a fresh attention that will catch you by surprise. Before we proceed any further, let us figure out if tungsten wedding bands are the right choice for you which can fit your purpose.


What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is the pure metal found in nature. However, pure tungsten is not suitable for making jewelry. Tungsten used to make jewelry is tungsten carbide. We then make a distinction between them.


Although often used interchangeably, there are differences between these two terms. Tungsten in its pure form cannot be used in jewelry. Instead, it is formed into a metal, consisting of approximately 85% tungsten and 15% carbon, nickel or cobalt which is known as tungsten carbide. Because tungsten is very brittle, mixing it with carbon reduces this characteristic, making the metal more durable and easier to work with. The nickel or cobalt acts as a binder, holding the metal together and making it possible to shape it. Tungsten carbide with a nickel binder is considered top quality and ideal for wedding bands. However, tungsten carbide with cobalt as a binder is not recommended for jewelry as the cobalt, which tends to react with body oils, can cause skin irritations and staining.


As we’ve just mentioned, tungsten carbide contains carbon. Tungsten without carbon is just a steel ring, with a Mohs of 7.5. It can still get scratched and damaged. However, when carbon is added into the mix to create carbide, the resulting metal becomes extremely tough and durable.


Some vendors sell tungsten rings but call them tungsten carbide. So take care as not every tungsten carbide ring on the market is actually carbide.

tungsten carbide rings

Reasons to buy tungsten wedding bands

In the modern jewelry world, industrial metals such as tungsten, titanium and stainless steel are in vogue, especially used in mens jewelry, wedding bands and costume jewelry. Here are the benefits of tungsten:


① Tungsten is a very affordable metal, and unlike the precious metals, is easy on your wallet. There are different grades of tungsten carbide used in jewelry which can impact the price. For example, high quality tungsten with carbon and nickel included can cost more than other lower grade tungsten carbide combinations.


② In the department of durability, tungsten carbide beats all other metals.In fact, it is the hardest metal used in jewelry and the most scratch-resistant. As an object can only be scratched by another object that is harder than it, tungsten cannot be scratched by most materials. Some substances that can cause tungsten scratch are diamonds and moissanites. This means that regardless of the exposure your tungsten ring is subject to, it remains free of scratches.


③ Another great advantage of getting tungsten wedding rings is the neutral nature of the metal. We have seen people come back to get their gold and platinum wedding rings polished as time goes on. Gold loses its luster, and platinum forms blue platinum and even stainless steel rusts over time. However, tungsten carbide remains untainted and lustrous for years even with regular use. Tungsten is an ideal choice for you if you engage in daily activities that may involve brushing, scraping or knocking the ring on hard surfaces.


④ Tungsten is found in several popular colors. Gunmetal gray is a popular color for tungsten and makes for very handsome and unique wedding bands, while white offers a sleek and contemporary choice. White tungsten carbide is very similar in appearance to the popular platinum and white gold metals, giving a modern, stylish look to the wedding band.


Things to be noticed before your purchase

They are breakable: Contrary to popular belief, tungsten bands are durable but you can end up breaking your ring by banging it against hard surfaces or dropping it on hard floors. This is more of an advantage in disguise. Since they are not unbreakable, this allows people to break them open with vice grip pliers during emergencies.


They can not be resized: If you get a wrong size for your wedding ring, you may have to buy another one. Tungsten is not pliable. That’s to say, unlike gold or silver, the jeweler cannot adjust the diameter of the ring. On the other hand, tungsten is cheap. Therefore, if you find that you select a wrong ring size, you can only go ahead and buy another one before your wedding.


To sum up, tungsten rings are more popular than titanium and gold! A wedding ring should be perfect forever after. A wedding band should be a fitting symbol of his or her love and integrity. It should suit his or her lifestyle and personality.  A band of marriage is an integral part of the wedding. The delivery and style of the wedding band permanently etch an entire wedding in your memory.