Emerald cut engagement rings became popular because of their classic and simple geometric shapes, and became the choice of many people. The simple and beautiful appearance of the emerald cut engagement ring symbolizes elegance and sophistication, so if your proposal is for someone with an elegant and mature personality, then don’t hesitate, it is definitely a perfect choice.


On that special day, when you ask for a lifetime commitment, take her breath away with this magnificent gemstone bridal set. So lovely in 925 sterling silver, the engagement ring features a stunning 8mm*6mm emerald cut blue topaz surrounded by a frame of smaller round accent gemstones. Additional round gemstones flank this center arrangement, while round accent gemstones line the ring's shank. On your wedding day, complete the ensemble with the coordinating gemstone wedding band. Boasting an impressive blue topaz and a bright polished finish, this exquisite bridal set will sparkle for a lifetime.


Bring the bling with this shimmering 6 carat sona diamond ring. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, this sparkling look showcases a 10mm*14mm emerald cut sona diamond center stone atop a rose gold sona diamond-lined shank. Captivating with sona diamonds and a brilliant buffed luster, this ring is a memory in the making.


Honor the fairy of your heart with this spectacular 3-carat diamond bridal set. Fashioned in 925 sterling silver, the engagement ring features a 8mm*6mm emerald-cut diamond center stone set in claws. Polished and diamond-lined material creates the ring's cleverly shank. On your wedding day, the coordinating contoured and diamond-lined wedding band fits snugly beneath the engagement ring, completing this exquisite ensemble. A brilliant celebration of love, this bridal set captivates with bright diamonds and a polished shine. By the way, lettering is available.


Decadent and divine, this 1.5-carat diamond ring sets a sophisticated tone. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with platinum plated, this outstanding style showcases a 7mm*10mm emerald-cut sona diamond wrapped in a high polished frame. Captivating with the shine of the diamond and a bright polished shine, this choice is anything but ordinary. This durable quality is worthy of your purchase.


Give her all the love you hold in your heart with this dazzling diamond bridal set. Crafted in 925 sterling silver with white-gold plated, the engagement ring shimmers with an emerald-cut diamond center stone wrapped in the sparkling embrace of a round diamond-lined frame. On your wedding day, a coordinating contoured diamond-adorned band competes the ensemble. Captivating with shimmering diamonds and a bright polished shine, this bridal set will capture her heart.


This emerald engagement ring is made of sterling silver. Its appearance and durability make it a true standout for other rings. This ring's gorgeous emerald-cut center gemstone celebrates your past, present and future with maximum brightness. From all angles, they look perfect. The band of the ring is plated in white gold and looks more noble.


You can buy emerald cut engagement rings online, but pay special attention when you buy emerald cut diamonds. Make sure your online jeweler really understands the specifications for making beautiful emerald cut engagement rings. Learn more about emerald cut engagement rings at Find U Rings.