Exchanging wedding rings is one of the most significant moments in a couple’s life. The circle in ring symbolizes the never-ending love and commitment to your significant other. But did you know that you can add sentimental value to those rings by engraving special messages on these pieces of jewelry? Engraving gives these rings personalized touch, making it more unique and special to the couple. On average, engraving costs around $30 to $75 or more but there are stores that offer free personalization. In findurings.com, they offer free personalized engraving for their products. Check out the engraving ideas you may use to give more meaning to your wedding rings.

Choose simple, romantic phrases to represent your love for each other like Always, I Love You, Yours Forever, Eternally, To Infinity…, To the Moon and Back, Forever and a Day, etc. Phrases in a foreign language give more uniqueness to jewelry like Je T'aime – I love you in French. You may also incorporate cute nicknames you have for each other.

Coordinates of the special place that is meaningful to your relationship is also a lovely idea. You may consider the place you first met, or the spot he pulled off the proposal. For example, if you first met in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, you may think of engraving the coordinates 34.04° N, 118.26° W on your rings. You may also use the date of your wedding or any special dates you have as a couple. You may engrave it in different date formats like 02/14/2019, II.XIV. MMXIX or February 14, 2019.

Aside from words and numbers, you can also engrave each other’s fingerprint on the partner’s ring. This can symbolize that you are always together. Or if you have children, you may have an imprint of the child’s finger to your rings, but this will require precision which will cost more.

If you and your partner share religious value and have the same level of devotion, you may choose to engrave a meaningful verse that will symbolize your love for one another. Here is an example: “Do everything in love.” Corinthians 16:14.

Incorporating silly phrases to your wedding rings is also a good and funny idea. It’s a great way to make both of you smile when you see it occasionally. You can put funny lines like Put Me Back On, No Refunds, The Better Half, Better Than Bacon, What’s Yours Is Mine, etc.

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By Edward Cruz