Tungsten wedding rings offer a stylish modern style at a reasonable price, and many men like tungsten wedding rings. But do you know the pros and cons of the tungsten ring? Next we will detail the characteristics of the tungsten ring, so that you have a full understanding of it.

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Pros of Tungsten Rings

#1 Beautiful Metallic Luster

The tungsten ring has a very good gloss and has the same brightness as platinum. And the tungsten ring can continue to ensure the gloss, and it is not easy to fade with your wearing.

#2 Sturdy and Scratch Resistant

Tungsten rings are much heavier than cobalt, stainless steel and titanium rings. The tungsten ring is made of tungsten carbide, a compound containing equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms. Tungsten carbide is very strong. There is only one other material on this planet that is stronger than tungsten carbide and is a diamond. Interestingly, they are used to making rings and other jewelry. These rings are also very scratch resistant and have a light grey color that can be darkened by a brush finishing process.

#3 Fashionable

Men's wedding rings have been limited. They are made only of gold, silver, and they are always flat. The softness of these two metals makes them difficult to customize. Tungsten carbide is very hard. Therefore, it can be twisted, rotated, rolled up and subjected to various forces to give it a customized appearance. They are very versatile in terms of styling. On the other hand, tungsten carbide belts will bring you wonderful results.

#4 Engravable

The tungsten ring can also be engraved with a laser engraving tool that provides a variety of finishes, including highly polished mirrors and dark grey brushed faces.

Cons of Tungsten Rings

The main disadvantage is that these rings cannot be resized. If you are looking for a modern wedding ring metal that can be re-adjusted, the tungsten ring may not be for you. So, when you buy a tungsten ring, you need to determine the size of your finger. Findurings provides lifetime protection for every customer, and we offer a free service for you to replace the ring size.

At this time, the style selection of the tungsten carbide ring is also limited. Men's tungsten rings now have more styles than women's tungsten rings. But even the men's tungsten wedding ring style is limited to the sleek modern design, because tungsten carbide is not very malleable.

What does the tungsten ring look like?

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