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Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed

Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed
Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed

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Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed

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 Width Best number of characters
 2 mm  10
 4 mm  25
 5 mm  30
 6 mm  35
 7 mm  45
 8 mm  55

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Special Price $54.99

Regular Price: $137.48

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Matte Silver Tungsten Rings Blue Round Domed

This Matte Silver and Blue Inner Two-Tone Ring is made of real tungsten carbide. The dome design make the ring durable and comfortable to wear. Its superb craftsmanship will make you fall in love with it at a glance. The unisex tungsten wedding ring is the best gift for birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, Valentine's Day. We offer a beautiful jewelry box to make your ring safer and longer, so you can save your gift packaging service fee.

  • Metal Features: ① Cobalt Free   ② Safe and Comfort  ③ High Hardness   ④ Scratch Resistant   ⑤ Corrosion Resistant   ⑥ Color Retention   ⑦ No Deformation   ⑧ Masculinity
  • Occasions: Promise, Engagement, Marriage, Anniversary, Daily Wear, etc. A perfect gift for your lover or spouse with an elegant jewellery box.
  • Special Service: Free Custom Engraving. You can remember special days, meaningful handwriting, etc. by carving inside the ring.
  • Guarantee: Friendly customer service and lifetime warranty covering any damage and size exchange.     


Product Details

 Width  6 mm 
 Size  5 - 12 
 Material  Tungsten Carbide
 Type of Fit  Comfort Fit
 Free Ring Box  Yes
 Shipping  5-20 Days(free) / 3-7 Days($15)
 Exchanges  Lifetime Free
 Returns  30 Days

Customer Reviews

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James Bond


probably my best purchase ever
This ring is solid, fits great, totally comfortable and feels like a ring that would cost so much more. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Now let's wait and see how long the finish lasts. You really can't go wrong with this one. Item is exactly as described.
David Crump


Even better than advertised
I got this ring almost 2 months ago and I absolutely love it! The inner color shines very strongly against the grey on the outside, getting a lot of attention and compliments.
Justin R. Germino


Teenage Son Loves this Ring
Got this ring for my oldest teenage son who likes wearing rings, he saw this ring and wanted something plain and Tungsten Carbide. He wears the ring on his Index finger rather than the ring finger and likes it very much.


Amazing ring
This ring is way too comfortable and just fits perfectly, comes on and off my finger with ease, seems to be a comfort fit design, and looks incredible.
Jonathan Diehl


Quality ring
Great looking ring, very sturdy. I bought it as a backup to my 20yr old gold wedding ring for when I work out, play sports, etc and worry about losing the expensive one while it's off.
Kayla Bryant


My hubby loves it!!!
After some time my husband found that his original wedding band was bulky and heavy. This ring is a great replacement. He says he cant even tell he's wearing it. Its very pretty in a classy way and extremely comfortable. We would have been willing to pay a bit more but this one is the one he wanted and for that price, you can't beat it.
Crystal Rector


Exactly As Advertised - My Husband Loves It!
My husband lost his wedding band when it fell off his finger in the river and he wanted to choose the replacement. This was the replacement band he chose.

I bought one for him for birthday only to find that I had the wrong ring size and that if he wore it he would lose it again. Unfortunately, since this ring is made of Tungsten it cannot be resized...but fortunately it is a material that is inexpensive, so I simply purchased a replacement in a smaller size.

Then I accidentally purchased TWO of the replacement rings. No problem. I was able to return the extra and it was a quick and efficient process to get the refund.


Staying in great condition. Seems tough.
I have been amazed at how good of condition the ring has stayed in. Have it on every day. Wear it cycling, and it still isn't showing scratch marks in the brushed metal surface. Not even the hairline or micro scratches from what I can see. And the blue has not flaked or otherwise damaged.

Complaint is that the ring is not perfectly cylindrical. There is a bump on the inside surface where the ring was fused or something. Doesn't bother me, and I can't feel it unless I take it off and slide my finger tip around the inside.


I never post reviews.
But this time I have to. I just lost this ring after 1 year of HEAVY use and bought a new one. I wish I could show you that the old one didn't have any scratches. The new one looks more polished so let's see how it holds.
This ring made me drunk multiple times. I was betting my friends for a beer that they cannot make a scratch to this ring. Yes, the ring will have surface scratch but no deep scratch that your finger could pick up will show on the surface. I cannot tell you how many times my friend use his steak knife and almost cut his finger off before he could do any damage to the ring.

I won't pay for your beer if you lose but I will continue doing so.


Smooth fit and hypoallergenic
I was pleasantly impressed. I was expecting less quality for the low price. High quality, and very smooth/comfortable fit. Sizing as expected. Bonus: hypoallergenic for someone who is allergic to gold, silver, nickel, and platinum.

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16.9 53.1 6 1/2 M 1/2 13 21.6 67.8 - Y -
17.1 53.8 - N - 21.8 68.5 12 1/2 Z 26
17.3 54.4 7 N 1/2 14 22.0 69.1 - Z 1/2 -
17.5 55.1 - O - 22.2 69.7 13 - 27
17.7 55.7 7 1/2 O 1/2 15 22.4 70.4 - Z+1 -
17.9 56.3 - P - 22.6 71.0 13 1/2 - -
18.1 57.0 8 P 1/2 16 23.0 72.3 14 - -
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