If you are planning on presenting a promise ring to your beloved one, whom you have decided to propose to and marry in the future, instead of simply slipping the ring on her left ring finger, you probably need to think of a creative and romantic way to do it. To start with, you need to take time to select a promise ring. With the development of society and technology, there are a wide selection of promise rings in terms of materials such as the traditional ones (silver, gold and platinum) and the modern ones (titanium, tungsten and ceramic). Rings made from different metals have their featured qualities. Now, let us take a look at the tips for how to present a promise ring to your beloved one.

1.Put your ring with candies

You might invite your girlfriend to watch movies at your home and prepare a box of candies with the ring amid them. You are recommended to place the ring on the top in order to make sure that it will be found. But there is some risk involved as the ring might be mistaken as a candy and be swallowed. To avoid that, you need to take care to pick candies whose sizes can be distinguished from the ring’s.

2. Make use of a big screen

You might take the occasion when both of you are at a place where there is a big screen which both of you can see.  To help you achieve your goal, you might consider asking the broadcaster to display a sweet message on the screen. Then you remind your girlfriend to view the message.  When she is looking at the screen and reading the message, you take out your ring and make your promise.

3.Make use of songs or poems

First you need to find a book which has love songs or poems that can resonate with your romantic thoughts. Carve out a hole at the appropriate place where your ring could fit in well. Present her the book and ask her to read the songs or poems for you. When she turns to the page where the ring shows up, the previous romantic verses have already set up the tone for you to speak your promise.

4. Flowers

Though this method is a little risky, it is worth trying. Buy a bunch of fresh roses and hide your ring in a rose bud in the center of the bunch. Make sure that she will place the flowers in a safe place which she accesses to every day, such as her dressing table. When in a few days the bud opens, the ring will be revealed.

5.Choose a romantic location

Places to be considered could be the ones both of you love visiting or the ones where you kissed each other for the first time or where your first date took place.  If you plan on a casual atmosphere, you may slip the ring box into her hand or make an excuse of checking her left hand and slip the ring on her finger.

6.Treasure hunting

You might consider secretly putting the ring box into her purse, mention to her that there is something special in her purse and ask her to look for it. When she finds the ring box and opens it, you could take the ring and present it to her. You may also consider writing multiple notes with instructions informing her about the next location and hide your ring at the destination. When she locates the place and finds the ring, you may show up and make your promise.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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