The tungsten ring is made by combining metal tungsten with carbon to form tungsten carbide. Due to its high density, tungsten carbide is very hard and has a melting point of 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest of all metals. A Mohs hardness of more than 9 makes the tungsten carbide hardness four times that of titanium and twice as hard as steel. So, can tungsten rings be scratched?


In daily life, the tungsten ring is not easily damaged compared to other metals, and will maintain the original luster. Therefore, people do not have to remove their tungsten wedding rings when doing daily housework or activities that require a lot of physical labor. You don't have to worry about constantly removing and putting back the ring every time you need a job, which causes a lot of inconvenience. The good thing about tungsten wedding rings is that you can now work with ease without having to worry about any wear or any other damaged ring. In addition, the tungsten ring hardly scratches your fingers, keeping the gloss and smooth surface for a long time, making it ideal for wedding rings that last for a long time.


Although tungsten carbide is very strong and scratch resistant, tungsten carbide rings are not indestructible. In fact, the higher the hardness, the more brittle. Tungsten rings are scratched by extreme measures, such as rubbing some of the hardest minerals on the Earth's surface, such as diamonds or corundum.


For most metals, they are somewhat malleable and easy to bend. But tungsten can prove to be a life protection because it never bends. Even if excessive force is applied, such as in the event of an impact during an accident, the tungsten ring will break but will not bend and cause more damage to the wearer.


If for some reason you need to cut the ring, you can rest assured that using a vise grip can exert a lot of power to break the tungsten ring, but you should go to a jeweler or hospital instead of trying it yourself.


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