In fact, there are many questions worth pondering about your proposal. For example, time, location, and the manner of marriage proposal. Of course, the most important is engagement ring. Even if you know a lot about your girlfriend, it's hard to determine the size of her ring. Here are five ways you can calculate the ring size for your girlfriend.

1. Get the size with the rope

You can try to wrap a rope around her fingers while she is asleep. Make sure it's not too tight, and don't get too loose. Once you get it, mark it with a pen or cut it to the correct length. Then, use a ring size measuring instrument to measure.

2. Pretend to buy a ring for your sister

If you want to find her ring size directly, but want to keep mystery, please ask your girlfriend in a very natural and smooth way. For example, you can pretend that you want to buy a ring for your sister. Make sure this person's hands are similar to your girlfriend. Then ask if her ring size is available for reference.

3. Find her friend

If your partner has a friend who is engaged, ask her friend to let your girlfriend try the ring. This will get you started in a rough range. You can also use it as an opportunity to ask her about her friend's ring and try to do some research about what kind of ring she wants.

4. Compare your fingers

This method is a bit difficult. When you hold her hand, see if one of her fingers is similar in size to one of your fingers. For example, her ring finger may be as big as your little finger. This method is not very accurate, but the more we know about the size of the finger, the closer we are.

5. Ask your partner directly

Some people in the world like to do things in a difficult way, and then some people are very candid. If you and your partner have already discussed marriage for a long time, don't turn around, please ask her how much the ring size is, which will save a lot of time. Don't worry about losing the surprise. After all, she doesn't know when and where you will propose a marriage.

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