As a symbol of love, wedding ring has been around for thousands of years. No one doubts that its importance will diminish as time passes. The first ring for wedding originated in ancient Egypt about five thousand years ago. According to folklore, ancient Egyptians believed that the shape of a ring, which is a circle, empowered the people who wore it. Therefore, almost every bride and groom wore rings on their fingers with the hope that the circles would empower them and bless their wedlock.

At that time, rings were made of reeds or plants that grew on the banks of the Nile River. These plants were woven into a circle, which much resembled the shape of rings later made from metals. Rings were highly valued in Egyptian culture. At the time when people did not know about gold or diamond, people valued these plant-made rings very much because they believed that a ring, which has no beginning and no end, represented eternal love between husband and wife. They also believed that by presenting a ring to the bride, the groom expresses his confidence in the bride’s ability of taking care of their families.

Though thousands of years have passed, the belief and tradition that accompanied earliest plant-made rings have changed little. That is, a wedding ring has always represented love and loyalty and reminded the wearer of the promises that are made on the wedding day.

In many cultures, it is a tradition that people wear their wedding rings on the fourth fingers of their left hands. Because it is believed that the fourth finger is directly linked to the heart of the wearer. However, in some European countries, couples wear wedding bands on their right hands.

When you or your loved one agrees to wear a wedding band, it means that you recognize the importance of the other. It also means that you commit to the relationship. As a token of love, the ring will remind you daily of your love and your commitments and the promises you made on your wedding day. When you see your spouse wear the ring you presented her / him, it will similarly remind you of his / her love, commitments and promises.

That being said, the values of wedding rings do not necessarily reside in whether they are gold or with expensive gemstones. Their values reside in their meanings and symbolic powers that are endorsed by a long history that could be traced back to ancient Egypt when people used plants weaving their wedding bands. To put it simply, what matters is the love and values you endow with your ring rather than how much you pay for your ring.

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