Black zirconium is produced on the part of zirconium which is heated and oxidized black. Then what is Zirconium? This light gray metal exists in nature in the mineral zircon. It is primarily used in nuclear power plant owing to its incredibly high-melting point and high resistance to corrosion. The metal is also widely used in medical care industry and food packaging. For example, it is a component of compounds that have been used in making dental implants and artificial replacements for body parts such as arms.


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What does black zirconium feel like?

If you touch a piece of black zirconium, its surface gives you the feeling of ceramic. It has been recently adopted in the jewel making industry as inlays because of its following excellent qualities. First, it is very lightweight. Second, it is highly resistant to chemical corrosions, which relieve customers of such worries as corrosions caused by chemicals which they contact while watching hands or dishes or under other circumstances when they could not avoid touching chemicals. In addition to these excellent qualities, zirconium can bring out the features of the other materials that are used together in crafting a piece of jewelry.

Black zirconium rings pros and cons

Compared to other metals that are used in making wedding bands, black zirconium is featured with the following qualities. First of all, it is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is skin-friendly. To get you acquainted with this new material which is now popular in the jewelry industry, it is necessary to mention titanium, which zirconium is close to in comparison to other metals. These two metals are also comparable in terms of their long duration.

Compared to tungsten, both metals have their pros and cons. Unlike tungsten ring which is prone to shatter, black zirconium ring is shatterproof. Besides, as it is already mentioned that black zirconium is very light, a black zirconium ring can be much lighter than tungsten ring. Tungsten ring’ weight makes it an ideal choice for customers who prefer to feel the weight of their rings while black zirconium’s light weight attracts other customers who look for the opposite quality. Despite the above-stated excellent qualities, its color is what makes it stand out. Black zirconium is jet-black in color, which makes it a good choice for crafting men’s wedding rings.

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