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Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples

Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples
Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples

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Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples

Special Price $46.99

Regular Price: $117.49

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 Width Best number of characters
 2 mm  10
 4 mm  25
 5 mm  30
 6 mm  35
 7 mm  45
 8 mm  55
 Width Best number of characters
 2 mm  10
 4 mm  25
 5 mm  30
 6 mm  35
 7 mm  45
 8 mm  55

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Special Price $46.99

Regular Price: $117.49

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Stainless/Titanium Steel Commitment Rings Flat Style for Couples

Look at this stylish ring! Crafted in durable stainless steel, the eye-catching couple bands feature a gold-plated shank and the women stylish one is lined with cubic zirconia stones. The high polished edges and matte finish shank make it seem pretty deluxe. Buffed to a brilliant luster, this ring makes a stylish and thoughtful commitment for him or her. Moreover, we have used advanced technology to ensure our superior quality. As a very responsible seller, we promise you are welcome to contact us whenever you have doubts about our products, and we shall give you a satisfactory reply.

  • Metal Features: ① Skin-friendly  ② High Hardness  ③ Lustrous  ④ Safe and Comfort  ⑤ Durable ⑥ Scratch-free ⑦ Corrosion-free  ⑧ Low Maintenance ⑨ Environmentally-friendly ⑩ Masculinity
  • Occasions: Promise, Engagement, Marriage, Anniversary, Daily Wear, etc. A perfect gift for your lover or spouse with an elegant jewellery box.
  • Special Service: Free Custom Engraving. You can remember special days, meaningful handwriting, etc. by carving inside the ring.
  • Guarantee: Friendly customer service and lifetime warranty covering any damage and size exchange.     


Product Details

 Width  8 mm
 Size  6 - 14
 Material  Stainless Steel
 Type of Fit  Comfort Fit
 Free Ring Box  Yes
 Shipping  5-20 Days(free) / 3-7 Days($15)
 Exchanges  Lifetime Free
 Returns  30 Days

Customer Reviews

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Uncle Steve


Nice ring for the price.
I ordered this after falling and jamming/ breaking my finger and or hand. Had to cut my wedding ring off since none of the tricks on the internet worked to remove it whole. Got this to wear while i get mine welded and the swelling goes down. Measured and ordered the 12. It just barely goes over my finger. It is heavier but all in all a nice ring. Might just order smaller sizes to use as my hand heals. My only concern is that if i have to cut it, it will take more than a pair of side cutters.


very comfortable good looking ring.
I ordered a size 12 because I measured my finger and went with that size even though it was bigger than all the rings I tried on in stores. Yeah, it was too big. I ordered another in size 10.5 and it fits really well. Both came quickly and it's a cheap ring after all. Also, they have a time limit on returns, I think mine had to be returned the same day I got it for it to be accepted.
I've gotten several complements on this ring and sureprised looks when I tell then it was under $20. The comfort fit really is comfortable and I'd recommend this ring highly. It also comes in a little ring box that looks nice.
Tony Roy


A wonderful traditional wedding ring.
Weight, style is what I was looking for in a wedding band. Sizing is tricky but I expected that .
We wanted a simple gold band like my parents had nothing fancy and this fit the bill.
We bought 3 sizes and retuned 2. We do recommend a comfort fit and and 8mm width
which this is for the right look at least for a man's finger. SO pay attention to the ring width size.

If you are looking for a rose gold this is really a yellow gold. Search around because it is sometimes
hard to tell the color and luster of the actual product. This is shiny which is what we wanted not burnished,
or brushed. Hope this helps.


This is the replacement wedding ring for anyone tough on their daily routine
Received this item earlier than expected. I already have purchased the silver version. First the fits are exact so know your size. These rings are all that they say they are. I am very hard on my ring on daily routine and not a scratch is found on either. The fit is extremely comfortable. I cannot say enough about this product. I had to replace my ring of 35 years and I can honestly say this product is the answer to anyone wishing to have a ring that there are no worries. I get so many comments on this ring. Great product as well as a great seller. I am not a chosen person who receives items for opinion and ratings. I bought this item and again can't say enough about it. I will update at a later time about the wear of this. Bottom line, know your size and know the fit is comfortable. I would recommend to anyone.
Chels Peace


Shiny, durable, beautiful, smooth ring!
Get this ring, you won’t be disappointed! I ordered this for my husband, the first order we chose too big a size. They quickly refunded our money and amazon returns are super easy! The new ring came quickly and it’s beautiful! I wanted something that would not bend or scratch easily and I made the right choice with this ring! My husband has a job that is rough on his hands and we are yet to find a scratch on this ring after a month of wear! It is also just as shiny as the day he put it on! The plating on the tungsten is of great quality! I’m going ahead and ordering a second backup ring in a slightly larger size for him to have later on, with any weight gain or his fingers swelling up....because it’s such a great ring! I need to order one for myself as well to replace my 10k gold band that is dull and scratched up after several months of wear!


5.0 out of 5 starsYou will love it, your wife will love it, your wallet will adore it.
I feel naked when I am not wearing it, it is the most beuatiful ring I have ever owned, and the price!

When we got married, we spent several thousand dollars on a set of "white gold bands" we should have gotten Paladium, but anyway, the white bands are now semi yellow. Especially mine since I work with chemicals all the time.

Well, this band is just fantastic, I am sure it is nearly imposible to scratch it, I mean, I haven't put even a little scratch on mine, and like I said, I wear mine all the time.
K. Clarke


The hubby loved it!
Bought it to replace hubby's missing ring, with the expectation that he'll likely loose it again at some point.,, he's a forgetful guy. He's also rough on his rings, last gold ring he bent into an oval from lifting weights at the gym. He liked this ring, it's slim and has a rounded smooth finish, he barely notices it on. It's still gold colored, not faded or chipped and he workout/ lifts in it so after 4 or so months it's still holding up. Great replacement option.

7 Item(s)

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17.1 53.8 - N - 21.8 68.5 12 1/2 Z 26
17.3 54.4 7 N 1/2 14 22.0 69.1 - Z 1/2 -
17.5 55.1 - O - 22.2 69.7 13 - 27
17.7 55.7 7 1/2 O 1/2 15 22.4 70.4 - Z+1 -
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