Are Tungsten Rings suitable for wedding bands?

Are Tungsten Rings suitable for wedding bands?

Part 1: When was the tungsten ring used as a wedding ring?

Perhaps in everyone's inherent impression, wedding rings are classic rings made of platinum, diamond rings, gold and other precious metals. From the perspective of jewelry, these rings have few features and are expensive, and there are relatively few applicable occasions. It will only be worn on banquets, red carpets, and more formal occasions. It is basically not worn on weekdays (there is another reason that pure metal is allergic to the skin). If it is collided or lost, the price will be very huge.

In order to avoid the above situation, tungsten steel wedding ring was born. Thanks to the advantages and particularity of its material, the luster is not weaker than that of diamond rings. The quality is completely crushed by wedding rings made of other materials, and it is very friendly to people with allergies. These advantages As a result, more and more people choose tungsten steel rings as wedding rings, especially for men. The appearance of tungsten is thick and steady. As a wedding ring, it just represents men's commitment and responsibility to marriage. In the millennium, tungsten rings began to be used as wedding rings, but there were very few applications at that time. Until today, the scope of tungsten rings has been quite large in terms of heat and applicable occasions.

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Part 2: What are the benefits of a tungsten ring as a wedding ring?

  1. Affordable price: Almost everyone can pay for tungsten rings. The price of some classic tungsten rings basically does not exceed 150$. Of course, there are some inlaid tungsten rings that are more expensive, but compared to precious metals Jewelry, the price can be regarded as very cheap.
  2. Suitable for daily wear: the hardness of tungsten ring is only a little lower than that of diamond, which means that its surface is completely scratch-resistant and will not produce scratches, and tungsten steel is very friendly to people with skin allergies, so it is suitable for daily wear There is no need to worry about it at all, it is much more reassuring than ourselves.
  3. Exquisite style: The most important reason why it can be used as a wedding ring is that it can be plated in any color, gold, rose gold, silver are all available, and those classic styles make the tungsten ring look more calm and low-key, but very proud It shows the luster of its surface, so the appearance value of each tungsten ring is quite high, and it can withstand long-term aesthetics.
  4. Easy maintenance: If you wear a diamond ring, you must clean and wipe the ring after each wearing, and you need to use a non-irritating detergent to clean it. The tungsten ring is different. You only need a cloth and a little water. Maintenance and cleaning once every few months is sufficient.
mens tungsten wedding bands

Part 3: How to choose a tungsten wedding ring that suits you

First of all, you can choose according to your daily wear. If you are a business person and the color of your clothes is mainly black, gray and white, then I recommend choosing the classic silver or black tungsten ring. This combination will make people look more masculine Charming, calm and mature, the general wedding is also dominated by suits, and silver is the most suitable.

Then if you love sports and fitness, I can recommend wood tungsten rings. Wood symbolizes nature. Sports itself is a sport that fits with nature. It is more glossy and shiny, which cannot be changed by daily wear. It must be those who love sports. Please rest assured that the tungsten ring is difficult to scratch when you are exercising, and it will not be deformed.

mens tungsten wedding bands

Part 4: About size

The only thing you need to pay attention to about a tungsten ring is its size. Be sure to confirm your size before buying. If you have any doubts, please consult customer service or a shop assistant. Carefully refer to the ring size guide to choose the right size for you, because tungsten The hardness of the material is too high, and it is difficult to adjust the size after molding.

At last

No need to have high hopes for high-priced jewellery, those are just oppressive methods of some capital. The most important thing about a wedding ring is the testimony of two people's love, thick, loyal, and responsible. Who can replace a tungsten ring?


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