The wedding ring is a sweet symbol of eternal love, looking at history, from ancient Egypt to the royal family of Europe, and then until today. They exist longer than the engagement ring. Most people are familiar with the meaning of the circle, without the beginning and end points. It has become a symbol of eternal. What most people don't know is that the hole in the center of the ring is also important. It is not just a space, but a door that symbolizes the hall of happiness. When you give a woman a ring, it symbolizes immortal love.


What hand do you wear your wedding ring on?

In the United States, it is common to wear an engagement ring or a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand. The bride and groom usually exchange rings at the wedding and put the ring on the ring finger of the opponent's left hand after the oath. But this is a sweet but false story. The ancient Romans believed only this finger, there is a blood vessel that leads directly to the heart. In fact, they named it "the pulse of love." At that time, the couple would wear a ring on the hand to show their love for each other, feeling that love is as important as a beating heart. However, in some countries, the right ring finger is a more popular choice for brides and grooms wearing rings. Russia, Greece and Colombia all claim that this is their tradition, but many countries and regions in Europe also have the custom of wearing a right-handed ring.


There are no rules that dictate which metal the wedding rings must be made of, or whether they should match. You can choose between a simple titanium ring and a more refined silver ring with a stone or pattern. Some couples choose their own wedding date or write a simple and romantic word in the band.

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Which hand does the engagement ring gon?

Although engagement rings are an important part of today's relationship, engagement rings have only become popular until recently. In the short time when the prospective bride wears the engagement ring, the traditional practice is to wear the ring finger on the left hand, in order to be faithful to her veins.


When it comes to engagement rings, people can not only identify which finger they wear on, but also distinguish it by its appearance. After the engagement ring became popular, the world began to fall in love with diamonds. Diamond is the hardest and most durable natural substance on the planet and is the perfect choice for eternal love and eternal commitment. In addition, each diamond is extremely rare and unique. This makes them pay a high price, but it also means that no two people are the same, just like every love story.


But in the final analysis, after the wedding day, you can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring, whatever you like most. Although the most popular method in the United States is to wear a wedding ring on the left ring finger, you can wear them separately on the other hand, or you can wear a wedding ring alone.


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