Whether a man wears an engagement ring is entirely a personal preference. In modern society, most men do not wear engagement rings, but some people choose to wear rings based on what they think the ring represents. This is the external symbol of the emotional commitment they have made. In addition, today's traditional gender roles are more varied. Women may propose marriage to men, or same-sex couples will choose the same long-term traditional engagement as heterosexual partners. In this case, the man will wear an engagement ring to show the facts that everyone is engaged. But in real life we ​​rarely see men wearing engagement rings or even wedding rings. Let's talk about why men don't wear engagement rings.


Does man wear engagement rings?

In fact, many men don't like to wear any rings or jewelry. In this case, the man may want to display his relationship status in another way. It is not uncommon for such a man's partner to want him to wear a ring to indicate that he has been asked to marry. You may have seen some men wearing a ring as a necklace on their neck.

engagement rings

Wearing an engagement ring or a wedding ring on a necklace is more natural for some men. It's also a way to show the world how loyal you are to your partner, because wearing a ring makes you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with honestly expressing your feelings. If wearing a ring in a traditional way is not for you, then the effect may be better. If you are a man who doesn't want to wear a ring on your hand, you can make it closer to your heart.



Sometimes, men don't want to wear a ring for a reason. Men wearing rings in certain occupations are not conducive to the development of work. For example, plumbers, garbage collectors, construction workers or other dirty people do not want to soil beautiful and expensive engagement rings at work.


Wearing a ring is not always perfect, because it makes people feel the risk of losing the ring. The ring is small and easy to lose. Wearing it around your neck or in a safe place at home may be more practical for men.


Many young couples give up wearing engagement rings because the rings are too expensive. Of course, you can also buy a cheap ring to commemorate this day, depending on whether you are willing to do so. Visit Find U Rings to choose a high-end affordable ring for you. In fact, engagement and marriage are your love for your partner, not the value of the ring.


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