What if you find that you need to take off your engagement ring or wedding ring, but realize that it can't easily slide over your knuckles? The stuck ring may just be because the ring worn is too small. But it can also be caused by arthritis, which can cause your finger joints to swell and you can't easily remove the ring. When you can't simply take the ring off, try these safe ways to remove the ring:


#The first method: use lubricant

1. There are many options for lubricants. A large number of skin-safe household items can be used as lubricants, such as hand creams, soapy waters, baby oils, etc. If the skin is damaged, it is best to choose petroleum jelly or antibiotic ointment, which can make the ring completely detach and have the least damage to the skin. First apply them to the knuckles of the ring.

2. Then turn the ring around and spray or apply more lubricant. Until you can remove the ring from your finger, be sure to gently turn the ring back and forth.


#The second method: use cold water

1. Dip the hand into cold water. I don't know if you noticed that your ring is more comfortable to wear on a cool day than on a hot day, because the hot weather will make your fingers swell, but the cool weather will make your fingers shrink.

2. Put your hands in cold water for a few minutes, but not too cold water, too cold water will frost your fingers. Then gently turn the ring until it is completely detached.

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#The third method: use flossing

1. Plug one end of the floss under the ring. If necessary, tie the floss to the underside of the ring with a needle.

2. Wrap the floss around your fingers all the way to the knuckles. Put the floss tightly against your joints, which won't make you feel pain or purple fingers. If it is too tight, it will be loose.

3. Open the floss from the bottom of your finger. When you release from the bottom of the floss, your ring will move up until you can take it off. If the ring does not fall completely, repeat the previous two steps from the current position of the ring.


After removing the ring, clean the area where the ring is on your finger and check to see if there are any other damage. Don't wear a ring until the ring is adjusted in size or the swelling subsides.


If all the methods fail and you want to cut your ring, don't panic. This is not painful, the jeweler can fix and adjust the size of the ring for you, but please note that the tungsten carbide ring can only be cut and not resized. If your fingers are injured, discolored, numb, or painful, seek immediate medical attention.


This article was written by:

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