Traditionally, wedding rings are made of precious metals such as gold or platinum. But today, because of the attractiveness and cheapness of alternative metals, they are beginning to become popular choices for jewelry. Tungsten is one of the latest alternative metals. As a classic modern alternative, Tungsten ring is a compelling design statement that can also save you a lot of money.


The tungsten ring is not only super affordable, but also has a modern and masculine atmosphere. Many men like the smooth, masculine and modern look of metal. The unique appearance of tungsten distinguishes it from the classic gold and platinum wedding rings. The natural bronze color of tungsten can be black, white or even gold. You can easily get the look of precious metals, perfect for men who want to avoid traditional gold or silver.


Tungsten is favored by the world for its high temperature resistance, hardness and density. Many men appreciate the durability and strength of tungsten. Due to the hardness of this metal, the tungsten wedding ring will be scratch resistant and will not bend as easily as other expensive or replacement metals. If you like to exercise or do a lot of things by hand, then you need to choose a very hard material that is not easily scratched. There is no doubt that the tungsten ring is the best choice. In addition, as one of the most durable metals, tungsten has excellent scratch and tarnish resistance. This rare and exotic metal provides permanent polish and never loses its luster.

 fashion tungsten carbide rings

Some men want a light band that they barely feel, while others like a heavy feeling. Since tungsten is a dense metal, it has a very heavy weight. Men tend to choose tungsten rings to get their weight and masculine charm. Moreover, tungsten does not cause an allergic reaction in any person. Men who are sensitive to other metals, such as gold, can wear tungsten belts with peace of mind without worry.


Obviously, the tungsten ring has already become popular in the fashion world because of its large number of fashionable and unique designs. But it also has some shortcomings, and you still need to pay attention to some things during the use of tungsten rings.

In fact, the harder the metal, the more brittle and fragile (unlike gold, soft and malleable, which means it bends rather than breaks). If you drop the tungsten ring, or if you accidentally pry it on a hard surface, the metal may crack or break. This elastic material will rupture if sufficient pressure is applied.

Wedding rings made of tungsten cannot be resized. Trying to adjust the metal will only cause damage. So you need to measure your finger size accurately.

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