For all women, their desire for beauty has never faded, particularly in their wedding ceremony so how to choose rings becomes a major concern for them. On the one hand, they want to choose one which is beautiful and elegant; on the other hand, they want to choose one which can be well preserved for future value appreciation, after all engagement or wedding rings are not cheap at all. As a result, which type of rings can be preserved the value in the future?

As is known to all that rings can be roughly divided into four categories: platinum ring, gold ring, diamond ring and tungsten ring.

In China, gold has already enjoyed a 7,000-year history from mining, processing to purchasing. Since time immemorial, gold was used as the main currency in many dynasties while nowadays, gold is made into beautiful accessories, decorations, souvenirs and luxuries instead of a way of circulation. As one of the most expensive materials among all metals, many people prefer to purchase gold since they hold a view that buying gold means storing wealth.

Next is platinum ring. Take PT900 as an example: its purity reaches 99%, almost near that of gold. However, platinum is a kind of synthetic products which is made of several rare metals so the value of platinum can not be preserved as high as that of gold.

Then the diamond ring. Expensive as it is now, diamond was only used as an industrial raw materials in the old days. At that time, it was nothing special but a very hard thing. Until the 15th century, it began to be served as a symbol of love by many people. Since then, the price of diamond has gradually rocketed step by step owing to the hype of merchants but in nature, diamond has no value to be preserved.

No matter the engagement or marriage, the majority of people tend to choose diamond rings or gold rings since they think those kinds of rings can be preserved for appreciation and to some extend can be regarded as an investment instrument.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the tungsten rings, a great number of people will wonder whether tungsten rings can be preserved the value for a quite long period of time. Actually, the most selling thunder of tungsten rings lies in their style and exquisite grinding, polishing techniques instead of their value.


silver tungsten rings




Compared with other kinds of rings, the special technical treatment of tungsten rings is more important. Therefore, among various styles of tungsten rings, which one is the most popular? Generally speaking, one which looks like a polyhedron is relatively beautiful and attracts most consumers because in a well-lit environment, every facet will be so bright and dazzling that everyone can hardly tear themselves away from this kind of tungsten rings. That lies in the real value of tungsten rings.


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