By heaven,
I shall love you
To the end of time!
Till mountains crumble,
Streams run dry,
Thunder rumbles in winter,
Snow falls in summer,
And the earth mingles with the sky —
Not till then will I cease to love you!

Love is what we have always been looking forward to while rings serve as the best witness. Everyone yearn for love, pure, strong and solid. Which is perfectly in harmony with the attributes of tungsten rings. Characterized by high hardness and good abrasive resistance, this kind of tungsten rings gives an expression to a strong, solid and indestructible love. Even though some barriers or quarrels remain sometimes, love will be as fresh as ever after those ups and downs.

Findurings represents that a man finds a girl he loves most, then finds a pair of rings they love most and finally embraces lifelong happiness together. Findurings emphasizes an integration of exquisite designs, sophisticated manufacturing technology and a profound exploration of cultural connotations behind it. In such a complicated and seducing world, it is inevitable for love to weather any storm or test; However, just like the tungsten rings, they will still be bright and shiny in spite of scratches or abrasions.


unique tungsten rings


Wearing Findurings, you and I will lean on each other to share joy and sorrow; Wearing Findurings, you and I will be lifelong companions to experience vicissitudes of life; Wearing Findurings, you and I will be side by side till the end to enjoy happiness of every second. May Findurings  read your mind, light up your life and awaken your love deeply rooted in your heart.

“ I am walking through the green grass, wandering on the small dike. Sun is embracing me; wind is hugging me...” Favor sings. “you have tender eyes and considerate soul. If you do not mind , please allow me to be close to you, I think I will understand you...” Love whispers. The distance between favor and love is not so far, but fewer people can easily change favor into love. Walking around the favor forever, you can always have a slight feeling of sweetness without any burden...but it is a successful step and reborn emotion for you to make favor into love.

So please send love to those who mean something to you, to those who make you smile when you really need it, to those who have touched your life in some way or another, to those who make you see the bright side of things when you are really down.

This lies in the real meaning of Findurings, as well as the pursue and symbol of it.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

Jewelry Marketing Expert and Analyst

Guest Editor of several jewelry magazines

Over 10 years of marketing experience in the jewelry market

Enjoys long-distance jogging and classical music