You have finally popped the question with a beautiful wedding ring and your partner of 5 years or 5 weeks has said ‘yes’. What happens next? You lie awake at night thinking if you did the right thing? Are you actually ready for it? You keep playing the scene over and over again in your mind, every single night. It is as if you are stuck in a rut. Every night your mind plays the same scenario as an award winning movie which HBO keeps on showing during prime time. There are only two months left till your beloved walks down the aisle in her pretty white gown to take her vows and pledge a lifetime of making memories with you.

Stop! It’s okay. Doubt is normal. Having second thoughts is normal. Overthinking over the biggest day of your life is normal. It is all normal. However, what is not normal is you fretting over the minor details of your wedding instead of discussing it with your partner - that resulting in chronic anxiety, leading you to make impulsive decisions and finally ruining what was meant to be the best day of your life.

Here is how you can break down your wedding day and plan for each thing beforehand.


1.    Who are you going to invite?



Do you want to see the cousins you meet once a year at Christmas to be there with you on the most special day of your life? Do you want to invite Aunt Becky from Sierra Leone to give your bride her blessings? Do you want all your mates to be there? Do you wish to see your ex there who is now dating your cousin?

You really need to make a choice here and don’t make the mistake of choosing it all on your own because then you will not have to wonder about what the first fight you will have as a couple would be about.


2.    The Ring


tungsten carbide rings

What is more important than a ring at a wedding? The bride and the groom obviously! But, hey the ring also matters and you surely have to make the tough call now or later. The sooner the better. Whether you are going for tungsten carbide rings for your partner or for your wife to be, in either case it can be tough call however, if you have your partner with you at that time there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal – i.e. the best ring for engagement. We advise new couples to go out for selecting their engagement ring a month ahead of the wedding because that promises the groom and bride enough time to get their rings resized, bargain the prices and also time to adjust their budget and any budget cuts if necessary. This also gives them enough time to bond over with each other, so a win-win situation.


 3.    What is the venue?



Deciding the venue might be one of the toughest calls you will have to make as a couple. However, here are a few things that can help you narrow down your choice:

-      Should the venue be a church or a normal visually aesthetic place?

-      Do you wish to go outdoors or have an intimate indoor evening with your friends and family?

-      Most important of all, what is your budget for booking the venue?

-      How many people are you thinking of accommodating?

-      How long would the event be? Because if it is going to last a whole evening you might go for a venue that accommodates people, as well as lives up to the basic needs such as has enough space for everyone to sit and enjoy, a place for kids and a basic dining place as well as a loo.

-      Also, if you are inviting someone with special needs then always consider putting up a ramp so the wheel bound person doesn’t feel awkward.


4.    Time of the day?


time of the day

Considering the weather and season you have to stay mindful of the time you are going to get hitched. If you are getting hitched during summer then you should consider a day time affair unless it is freakishly hot outside, because let’s be honest no one wants to miss out on the golden hour. You can have air coolers outside to keep everyone safe from the heat and have popsicles as a starter for your dream day wedding!

Just always look at the weather forecast before you opt for an outdoor wedding!


 5.    The menu!



Ah! The bone of contention between every couple! Say no more. Just have a very basic dinner. But, always take care of the needs of those attending. If the majority of people attending your wedding are elderly then you might consider putting up soups and soft chewable items on the menu. If the invites have been sent, and people have sent back their rsvp then surely decide for a menu pertaining to the number of people attending the wedding. Don’t waste food.


6.    Who will do the décor?


We suggest you go for handmade décor of the place, because:

-      It’s cheap

-      Helps you get rid of the anxiety that might have been brimming beneath the tough face you have been pulling throughout the process

-      You get to bond with each other and make more memories

-      You can save a lot on your vacation!


7.    The Budget



This is something you need to decide with your partner. If your families are financing the wedding then there needs to be an equal split of the bills. If not, then even you and your partner need to decide how much do you have to spend on the ceremony and how much each is going to pay. Deciding this beforehand will settle things later.


Weddings are supposed to be fun, so don’t make them complicated than they actually are. Enjoy every second of the present moment to reminisce later.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

Jewelry Marketing Expert and Analyst

Guest Editor of several jewelry magazines

Over 10 years of marketing experience in the jewelry market

Enjoys long-distance jogging and classical music