1. Can tungsten rings be resized?

Once a tungsten ring is cast out of a mold, it can be hardly resized owing to its extreme hardness. To give you a sense of its hardness, let us take a look at the points metals or materials gain on a Mohs hardness test. Gold, platinum and steel respectively gain 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 while tungsten carbide’s is 9, one point lower than diamond’s 10.

Tungsten carbide’s hardness is a double-edged sword, which on one hand it endows the composite with the capacity to be highly resistant to scratches. On the other hand, it makes the ceramic metal susceptible to cracks. That being said, if you attempt to alter the size of a tungsten ring, it is likely to break.

To conclude, it is impossible to resize a tungsten carbide ring. However, Findurings wants to make sure that every customer is happy with their purchase and will be relieved of such worry as size change. To do that, Findurings offers free life-time size exchange for every ring our customers purchase.


2. Can tungsten rings be cut off?

The answer is YES. On hearing that tungsten carbide earns a reputation for its hardness, some people might start worrying that it would be difficult to remove tungsten rings from their fingers if by accident they have problem taking them off on their own. Since most hospitals are well equipped with instruments to cut off a tungsten ring, you can rest assured that your tungsten ring is very easy to remove once the above-stated situation occurs.


3. Can tungsten rings be engraved?

Owing to its hardness, instead of traditional etching engraving which is applied to rings made from other metals, laser engraving is adopted in engraving on tungsten rings. Both techniques create durable and long-lasting engravings. However, laser engraving has an advantage in which the grooves created are very smooth and comfortable to touch. With laser engraving, you may engrave your fingerprint or any meaningful words you want on the inside of your ring.


4. Can tungsten rings break?

It is known that a material’s brittleness tends to increase with its hardness, which is especially true of tungsten carbide. While being placed under high pressure, unlike gold or silver or titanium which is likely to bend or deform, tungsten carbide tends to break. This inspires FindURings to look for an affordable way to offer a free life-time warranty that covers any damage to your ring.


5. Can tungsten rings get wet?

Of course! As tungsten ring is highly resistant to chemicals, you can rest assured that you may tungsten ring under any circumstance where you need contact water or liquid with dissolved chemicals such as dishwashing soap.

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