Tungsten ring has been very popular in the market since it was introduced to the jewelry industry. Its popularity is largely owing to the fact that it is much cheaper than rings made from traditional metals such as gold and silver. Like rings in gold or silver, which are graded and priced according to the qualities of their raw materials, tungsten rings are of different qualities as well, which further provide references for the rings’ market prices.

It is known to industry insiders that there are tungsten composites which are exclusively used for industrial purposes and composites for manufacturing jewelry, which is not necessarily revealed to jewelry buyers. What is alloyed with pure tungsten metal decides where tungsten composite is used. 

Generally speaking, cobalt and nickel are chosen as metal binders when carbon is added to tungsten to form tungsten carbide. Some jewel manufacturers employ cobalt because it is cheap. The underlying problem with the use of cobalt is most frequently exposed by skin allergies because cobalt is likely to cause skin irritations. Therefore, tungsten carbide-cobalt is not recommended for making tungsten rings. In addition, as cobalt is easy to tarnish, its alloy has this property too, which causes the same problem to a tungsten carbide-cobalt ring.

Nickel is often preferred as metal binder for producing tungsten carbide when it comes to tungsten carbide ring. It is safe to say that ring made from tungsten carbide-nickel is of much higher quality as it is evidently proved by its appealing properties of being hypoallergenic and being able to maintain its luster for long.

While selecting from a bunch of tungsten carbide ring brands, customers do not only care about  price but also customer services such as return policy and policies about resize, size exchange and warranty. As you may have already learned that the fee for these added services is already included in the price you pay for your ring. That being said, while purchasing a ring, you have to also take a ring brand’s custom services into consideration. When it comes to tungsten ring, which is difficult to resize, a free life-time warranty is something that every tungsten ring lover desires.

FindURings guarantees that all of our tungsten carbide bands are made from high quality tungsten carbide and free of cobalt, which will certainly relieve you of worries about skin allergies. In the meantime, we offer free life-time warranty for any damage and size exchanges.


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