The men’s wedding band industry has gone through drastic changes lately. In the past, when people thought of men’s wedding band, the choices regarding styles and materials were very limited. Today, there are not only more styles for men to choose from. Materials that are used in making men’s rings are also very much diversified. 5 tips are offered for you if you are looking for a perfect ring.

1. Choose the wedding ring that suits your work

Evidently, everyone pursues a different career. If you happen to be involved in a work condition where you regularly contact rough surfaces, which usually lead to scratches on rings made from traditional metals such as gold and silver, you might consider buying a tungsten carbide ring which is highly resistant to scratches. Or if your work requires you to regularly contact chemicals, which cause erosions on rings in gold or silver, a tungsten carbide ring is ideal choice too. However, remember to try different tungsten ring in different widths, before you decide which type suits you best and is comfortable to wear.

2. Choose the right metal

In addition to metals such as tungsten and titanium which have become increasingly popular with customers, the demand on ceramic ring has been increasing owing to its following admirable characteristics, such as light weight, being highly resistant to scratches and  hypoallergenic. Last but not least, like tungsten carbide rings and titanium rings, ceramic rings are much cheaper than rings in traditional metals.

3. Choose the right fit

Make sure to choose a ring that is comfortable to wear because it is likely that you will wear it for a life-time if it is for your wedding band. Wedding rings have changed a lot in terms of its shapes, edges, inner surfaces and materials and so on. Take ring edge and inner surface for example. There are dome shape edge, beveled edge and step down edge to name a few. The ring’s inside can be flat or convex.

All our rings are comfort fit, which means all the rings’ inner surfaces are convex. To put it simply, what differentiates standard fit from comfit is whether the inside of a ring is flat or convex. The curve of a convex makes the ring inside cover mush less skin area than a flat one, making it very easy to remove and comfortable to wear.  

4. Choose the right finish

Finish means how the surface of a ring is handled. It usually refers to shiny or variations of a non-shiny surface. The most common finishes are highly polished, matte or brushed, satin and hammered. Nowadays, matte center with a highly polished finish is a trendy design. Beveled edge with a flat inside creates a simple style.

5. Custom engraving

Now you have made a decision on the metal, your ring’s width, its inner surface and its style. Under a modern context, when people have increasingly been aware of their unique personalities, it seems natural for you to engrave some meaningful graphic thing on you ring. It is highly recommended that you engrave your fiancée’s name or initials on the ring, making it a daily reminder to your loved one about your deep love and care. You may also choose some gemstone for your ring to increase its value for collection.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

Jewelry Marketing Expert and Analyst

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Over 10 years of marketing experience in the jewelry market

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