It is used to be an easy task for a man to choose a ring for himself as in the past the choices, such as materials for making men’s rings, were pretty limited. However, drastic changes recently taking place in the jewelry industry, particularly related to the men’s wedding rings, have reflected one trend. That is, diverse materials are being adopted in making men’s rings. Nowadays, a bunch of metals which people did not hear of before have become increasingly popular with people who are looking for rings, most often wedding rings. The current essay wants to focus on a particular metal: titanium. Its primary concern, which is also many readers’, is: is titanium suitable for making wedding rings?

In relation to jewelry making, we can basically categorize metals into two groups. The first group is represented by traditional materials such as gold, silver and platinum, which are usually also much more expensive. These metals are also comparatively susceptible to scratches and could not resist corrosions for long. Therefore, rings made from them usually need more restoring. Titanium ring is representative of the other group which also includes tungsten carbide and a couple of other metals. In comparison to those in the first group, titanium ring is much cheaper. What is more important is titanium ring is highly resistant to corrosions. As it must be known to many readers that titanium is widely used in aerospace industry because of its lightweight, many customers choose titanium ring for the same reason. For the above-stated qualities, titanium is a favorable choice for customers whose occupations are mechanics or carpenters or similar ones.

It is also very popular with customers who want to display their fashion taste or manifest their uniqueness. Titanium rings come in many different styles and various colors. Like gold ring, a titanium ring can have gemstone inlays. Its surface can also be anodized to be converted into different colors such as rose-gold, blue, and purple, to name a few.

Titanium’s light weight is an admirable quality which makes a titanium ring very comfortable to wear. Customers who prefer to wear light-weight rings or those who are not used to wear jewelry will fall in love with titanium wedding rings.

Though it is true that titanium has been used in making both men’s and women’s rings, it is primarily men’s choices for wedding rings because of its industrial history. Its durability and the modern artistic aesthetics reflected by titanium ring’s designs also contribute to its popularity with male customers. Last but not least, it is affordable to everyone, which is perhaps essential for it  to be so popular.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash


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