It is certainly an easy task to find a gift. But to find a unique one would be a challenge for most of us. It is difficult to list the criteria in gauging whether a gift is unique. However, there is one thing that is for certain. That is, a unique gift must be capable of exciting the recipient, reaching his heart and inspiring his thoughts. Here we provide you a list of possible gifts you can choose from.

1. A unique shave kit

Some people might favor new tech gadgets such as electric shavers. However, there are still many men who like old-fashioned shaving method, which includes a razor, shaving creams and lotions. Our suggestion is that to buy a shaving kit, which includes simply shaving creams and lotions, it would be a unique gift for the man you want to impress as it seems to remind him of the traditional shaving method if he is into new tech and urge him to buy a razor. If he is into old fashioned method, he would definitely have a razor.

2. Money clips

Money clips would be funny and inspiring gift for both genders. Clips are available in diverse materials, styles and colors, from which you can choose from.

3. Necklace pendants

As discussed in our previous article, a heart-shaped pendant could be a memorable birthday gift for a 16-year-old girl. It is also a suitable gift for a man. Pendant comes in many different styles, which could represent diverse themes such as sports, religion and medical subjects. Take medical subjects for example, if a person is susceptible to allergies, a pendant with medial symbol associated with allergies, would be a unique gift for the recipient.

4. Rings

Compared to women, there are far less men who have worn rings before their wedding days. Despite that, men who wear rings as decorations or as symbols of their financial status, often choose from traditional metals such as gold. Recently, there is a rising demand for unconventional metals such as titanium and tungsten. A guess for their popularity is that these metals have a long history in which they were widely used in other industries instead of making jewelry, adding to their mysterious nature. Like gold or platinum rings, titanium or tungsten carbide rings could have decorative gemstones. That being said, a ring could be a unique gift considering that nowadays engraving techniques allow you to engrave meaningful words on the inside of a ring.

titanium rings

5. Watches

Speaking of watches, you have a wide range of options to choose from. There are digital watches and old-fashioned quartz ones. The strap is available in many materials including metal, leather and plastic. Its price ranges from being very high to quite cheap depending on which materials it is made from. Nowadays, as tech-giant like Apple initiated to combine high technologies with traditional functions of a watch, new generation represented by iWatch has come into exist, indicating another type of choices to consider if you are to buy a watch for a man.  


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