Almost all girls at the age of sixteen have done at least one thing from the list: learning to drive, looking for her own way of associating with people around, or dating a guy or two. The age of sixteen is also a time when the majority of girls starts or has already started paying much more attention to their clothes as well as wants to draw more attention from people. As parents, it will be nice of you to present a beautiful gift to your girl to express your care and support. A piece of beautiful jewelry such as ring would come as the primary choice if you are looking for a birthday gift for your teenage girl.

1. Simple style

Whether you intend to buy a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace pendant or a ring, plain style jewel is always a good place to go. Take stud earrings and classic sterling silver ring with or without gemstone for example, both are typical of plain style. They can easily go with a wide range of styles of clothes and thus can be worn on multiple occasions.   

2. Gift for a princess

Though at the age of being about to start their womanhood, plenty of girls still hide a younger self in their hearts that they secretly identify with. For that, you might consider to buy a heart-shaped pendant or a sterling silver crown / princess ring. Diamond stud earrings are good choice too. However, you might need to think carefully about it. Because this style which would be your 16-year-old girl’s favorite might be put away for ever when she comes of age.

3. Keep it sweet and simple

Your gift might initiate your girl’s collection of jewelry as a woman as it is likely that she has not started it. Therefore, in the initial stage of a collection, you always want to start with something sweet and simple. Since your gift is likely to be the first one in her collection, you might need to find jewel that can help her discover herself or strengthen her personality or something that she has been wishing for.

4. Help to enhance her personality

For example, if your daughter is a wild person who values freedom most, it is likely that a jewel of fun style might be better than a classic one because classic is associated with conventions and standards while fun style is less conventional and tuned to one’s mood.

5. Birthstones

If you have not given her a jewel with birthstone, it seems to be a perfect time for you to do so. If she already had some in her jewelry collection, it is still nice of you to give one to add to her collection.

Despite various aspects to be considered, the two key points are to pay attention to your girl’s personality and what she desires. With these tips in mind, you will be sure to choose something that will make your 16-year-old’s birthday memorable.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

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