Tungsten ring has high hardness and will not scratch or lose its luster. It is 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times harder than stainless steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. Tungsten rings will retain their shape and last longer than any other ring. The raw material for the tungsten ring is tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is the perfect metal to symbolize your love.


This white brushed tungsten ring is designed for girls and has a width of 3mm. The surface of the ring is highly polished, such as mirror polishing. Its inner circle is round, giving a luxurious feel. Our products do not contain metal lead and are environmentally friendly. This ring is popular with many women. What are you still hesitating about?

White Tungsten Womens Rings Brushed Flat Style 3mm



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The surface width of this ring is 6 mm, so it is suitable for men. The color of this ring is very elegant, and our exquisite craftsmanship adds its brilliance. We believe this ring will impress you.

Mens Tungsten Rings Gold and Silver 6mm



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This unique abalone shell and wood-encrusted engagement ring is made of true tungsten carbide. Its smooth interior design makes your fingers more comfortable, and the abalone shell inlay reflects the bright colors you love. This is the best gift for engagement, wedding, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Tungsten Engagement Rings with Abalone Shell & Wood Inlaid



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This black wedding ring has a simple flat style and is made of real tungsten carbide. We offer two sizes for men. We believe that you will like our elegant and stylish design at a glance. Our anti-scratch ring is suitable for all occasions and is the perfect gentleman or birthday gift in your life.

Mens Black Tungsten Wedding Bands Simple Flat Style





Designed for men, this 6mm matte wedding ring with blue beveled edges is made from real tungsten carbide for an elegant and comfortable feel. This style of ring is brighter than ordinary rings, and its exquisite craftsmanship will make you fall in love at first sight.

Mens Matte Wedding Rings with Blue Beveled Edge



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This simple black heartbeat ring is framed by polished beveled edges and made of real tungsten carbide. Designed for men, this ring is romantic. We believe you will love it at first glance. This ring is perfect for most occasions, especially anniversary, birthday and engagement occasions. It is the best gift for your friends, lovers and family. We offer free shipping and lifetime warranty on all products. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Simple Black Heartbeat Promise Rings 6mm 8mm



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This black tungsten ring is a classic dome with a width of 8 mm. It combines gorgeous and luxurious fashion, combining classic style with the legendary theme of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The highly polished appearance and inner surface add shine to the ring, giving you an elegant and comfortable wearing experience. The inscription on the ring will give you magical power.

Lord of the Rings Golden Tungsten Ring High Polished



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This black ring is a unique glowing ring that glows in the dark and is made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Its relatively large size is for men only. The exquisite tungsten carbide and exquisite gold pattern make it the ideal gift for weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Our special boxes save you the cost of gift wrapping and help you keep your rings safer and longer.

Black Tungsten Rings with Lord of Ring Inlaid Luminous Ring



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Our tungsten rings are carefully designed and available in a variety of styles. At findurings.com, we have tungsten rings for men and tungsten rings for women. Whether you choose for yourself or your lover, you can find the right one. We also offer a variety of colors such as classic black, elegant white and many women's favorite rose gold tungsten rings. What's more, you get the best product at a great price.


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