Promise rings are rings that a person gives to each other in a romantic relationship, expressing their loyalty and commitment, usually before an engagement. Promise rings symbolize the love of relationship between couples, but the specific personal meaning may vary from couple to couple. The appeal of the Promise Ring is largely due to its multiple meanings. Many couples give or wear a promise ring specifically to signify future engagements, while others do so more out of love for each other.


The stylish Hawaiian Koa wood and opal ring is made of premium tungsten carbide. The unique opal and koa wood design makes the ring bright and stylish. The inner surface of the ring fits smoothly, giving you a comfortable wearing experience. Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant and hypoallergenic and does not discolor your fingers.

Hawaiian Koa Wood and Opal Tungsten Rings




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This unique blue sandblasted fine-tuned wedding ring is made of tungsten carbide and stainless steel. The stylish blue sandblasted design is perfect for everyday wear. The unique manufacturing technology ensures a truly smooth rotation of the ring. This stylish swivel ring lets you enjoy comfort and release stress. The perfect combination of tungsten carbide and stainless steel prevents ring discoloration and scratch resistance. This is the perfect promise ring.

Blue Tungsten and Stainless Steel Wedding Rings Sandblasted Spinner Band



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This stylish men's grey tungsten steel wedding ring is available in 6mm and 8mm widths. The brushed gray surface and comfortable beveled edges give you a comfortable experience. It can replace traditional men's and women's wedding rings, and the comfortable fit design will slide on your fingers for more comfort. Tungsten carbide is undoubtedly one of the strongest metals used in the jewelry industry, so there is no need to worry about scratching.

Mens Womens Grey Tungsten Wedding Bands 6mm 8mm


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This stylish 1 carat Sona gold-plated diamond engagement ring is made of sterling silver. Hand-set and high-quality Sona diamonds are dazzling. Mess. The gold-plated surface makes the ring more gorgeous and noble. Highly polished sterling silver never loses its luster. The shiny sona diamond design and classic 6-claw setting are perfect for precious wedding rings. Elegant and simple designs never go out of style.

1 Carat 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Rings Gold Plated Six Claws Design



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This vintage 925 sterling silver adjustable gold-plated ring is custom made for women. Round green gemstones make you more noble and elegant. The edge of the green gem is decorated with 5 sparkling zircons, just like the princess's guardian. The adjustable design of the ring frees you from having to worry about choosing the wrong size and making it easier to put on and take off.

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Ring Gold Plated Adjustable



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This simple, stylish sterling silver engagement ring is designed for women. The shiny large cubic zircon surrounds many small zircons on both sides, making the ring even more dazzling. Our zircon is set by hand, and our unique craftsmanship allows us to focus on every detail and work hard to create the perfect product.

Sterling Silver Engagement Wedding Rings with Simulated Diamond


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This unique cubic zirconia engagement ring brings her dream of marriage to life. Crafted in sterling silver, this glamorous model features a gleaming 6mm round cut cubic zirconia set in four claws on a high throw fiber stalk. This engagement ring is bound to be a precious souvenir, sparkling with bright gems and a bright polished sheen. We use advanced technology at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure its high quality.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver Four Claws


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This beautifully adjustable bridal suit symbolizes your beautiful love story. The engagement ring is made of sterling silver and showcases a glittering 6mm round cut cubic zirconia set in small claws inserted in a flower-shaped frame with smaller cubic zirconia set. A CZ wedding ring will seal your vows. This bridal suit sparkles with beautiful CZ and bright polished luster, celebrating your next step with its stylish style.

Cubic Zirconia Flower Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver


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Express your love with this glamorous promise ring. This adjustable ring is crafted in sterling silver with cubic zirconia at both ends. We also offer two colors for you to choose from. Bright and polished, this ring is a sweet symbol of your growing love. In addition, the ring is anti-fingerprint and durable to provide you with a good wearing experience. We also offer you exquisite packaging and lifetime warranty boxes.

Rose Gold/Silver Engagement Rings Adjustable in Sterling Silver



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At Find U Rings you can find all kinds of promise rings, and you can also sculpt for free to make your unique promise ring.


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