During the whole life, marriage is of paramount importance especially for women while for a marriage, a good beginning will pave way for a brilliant and happy life. Therefore, choosing a perfect engagement ring means that your proposal has already been half done. Currently, there are various types of engagement rings including diamond ring, gold ring, platinum ring and tungsten ring. Different types enjoy their pros and cons. According to different preferences, people will make a final decision to choose which type of rings they love most. Speaking of the origin of engagement rings, how much do you know about it ?


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The first one who regarded the ring as a token of engagement in the world is the king of Austria. In 1477, he met a princess, Mary, in a public occasion whose beauty and elegance won the admiration of the king. Although he knew a fact that princess Mary had already been engaged to a French crown prince, he still wanted to have a try due to his deep love for her, so he asked someone to make a precious ring and then sent it to princess Mary. Faced with this exquisite ring and his crazy love, princess Mary finally changed her mind, accepted his love and began to live a happy life with the Austria king. From then on, sending a ring as a token of engagement turned to be a tradition in the western world.

In fact, some scholars think that ancient Greeks were the earliest ones to send engagement rings to someone they love while nowadays this kind of rings represents friendship. Both at home and abroad, people usually wear engagement rings on their middle fingers. Given that China, in particular, has all along followed the custom of “male left female right”, bridegrooms always wear wedding rings on their fourth finger of their left hand while brides of their right hand.

Statistics suggest that around 4,000 years ago, some Chinese have already worn rings and then during Qin and Han Dynasties, it was quite prevalent for women to wear rings. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, rings were perceived as a token of love between young lovers so as to express their love to each other, which became more widespread in Tang Dynasty and remained alive today.
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