Gradually, inscribing rings with words or sentences tends to be a popular way to express love among numerous lovers or couples. Once a tungsten ring is inscribed with some unique or special marks, it will be of significant meanings. Therefore, what kind of words or sentences should be inscribed on rings?

1. Names/ Family Names
At the wedding, the bride and the bridegroom exchange their rings, symbolizing that they have committed their entire life to each other and they are willing to be each other ‘s lifetime companion. Weddings are a kind of holy and sacred ceremonies while rings serve as an individual token of love. In ancient times, a woman had to change her last name to that of her husband after she got married. Even if this custom has ceased to exist currently, names are still of paramount importance to couples, which endow them with a sense of belonging. Inscribing rings with each other ‘s names seems to signify that they will always be the side of their love at any time, like Jack and Rose.

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2. Arabic Numerals
Simple as they are, those numerals can be of romantic meanings once they are well combined. For instance, “520” means “I Love You”; “1314” means “Love You Forever”. In addition, it is also a good choice to inscribe the ring with exact dates of memorable days, such as the wedding anniversary; the day you two fell in love with each other; Valentine's Day; birthday dates...

3. Love Commitment/ Love Vow
It is known to all that there are a great number of beautiful poems since time immemorial, for example, “To stay together till death and end; for far, for near, hand, oath, accord: Never alive will we keep that word.” What’s more, several lyrics or renowned books are also characterized by meaningful and touching sentences. Concise as they are, those succinct words often bear an implication of romantic and deep love.

4. Special Patterns
In ancient times, it was common to send love tokens which were usually divided in half, such as the heart shape: half for you and half for your love, together forming a complete heart. As for other patterns that are well-received nowadays, they are doves, winged Cupid etc.

No matter what kinds of words or sentences you choose to inscribe on rings, the first and foremost thing is to be concise and brief on account of the limited space of a ring.

Inscribing rings with words or sentences indicates a commitment, a promise or a guardian. Findurings is devoted to providing this free service for every customer. What Findurings intends to do is to be a witness of your romantic love.


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