Every beautiful love needs to have a witness while the best and the most suitable witness should rest on tokens of love. Since time immemorial, there were numerous tokens to stand for love. However, some of them disappeared with the passage of time and were hard to find and see currently while others turned into the best token of love owing to the technological advance as well as innovations. For young lovers nowadays, what should be regarded as the best token of love? Which one is mostly well-received by young couples?


TOP 1--Ring

Traditionally, rings have always been viewed as a common token of love from ancient times to nowadays. In the old days, the materials for rings were usually three types: jade, gold or jade inlaid with gold. It meant that just a small ring symbolizes a state of fullness and happiness. With this small ring, love between young lovers will be solid and sincere. Back to nowadays, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, which contributes to a fact that the materials tend to be more refined and the styles are inclined to be more exquisitely decorated and the connotation is also increasingly rich. Commonly, there are four types of rings including gold rings, platinum rings, tungsten rings and diamond rings, the last of which serves as the most popular one in the contemporary world. Take “Findurings” as an example: a man can inscribe the tungsten ring with some sweet words or a sentence and then send it to his love, which implies that “I’ve already found my love; I want to be your life companion; I’ll be side by side till the end”. As you can see, it is quite suitable to perceive rings as a token of love. 


TOP 2--Perfume Satchel

Perfume satchel was an ancient token of love, which is rarely seen today but in modern times, people begin to attach much importance to traditional handicraft. Therefore, I think, perfume satchels will soon reappear and be highly praised by young couples. Generally speaking, perfume satchels are often sewed by a woman just for someone she loves, showing that even if she cannot accompany her love at any moment, this perfume satchel can replace her to be his side forever.


TOP 3--Wooden Comb

One of the most necessary items for women is a wooden comb in her whole life. When she was just a little girl, her mother helped her comb her hair and gradually she can do it all by herself. Therefore, it can be said that a wooden comb has witnessed a woman’s growth and also represents a woman’s emotional sustenance, which has evolved into a token of love between two young lovers on a gradual basis. Once a man carefully chooses a wooden comb for his love, it means that he has given all his heart to her totally, just eager to express his deep and strong love.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

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