Tungsten, which comes from the Swedish word tung sten, means “heavy stone”. This rare metal, which exists in nature in ores such as wolframite and scheelite, has the highest melting point of all metals. Tungsten in its pure form is incredibly resistant of corrosions of oxygen and chemicals. Pure tungsten is a grayish white metal. When heated with carbon, a new metal composite –tungsten carbide is produced.

Resembling pure tungsten, this metal composite is highly resistant to chemical attacks. Contrary to the usual misconception of tungsten carbide as metal, in fact it shall be categorized as ceramic. When polished, tungsten carbide takes such a luster that recently it has been widely adopted in the jewelry industry for making jewels, men’s wedding bands in particular.

China is the main area of tungsten mines. Records show that production of tungsten in China accounts for more than two third of the metal’s worldwide supply. This means that FindURings, our company who has its own manufacturing facility in China, has access to tungsten of highest quality at a fairly low price which many other tungsten ring makers in other countries would envy but have no way to compete with us.

FindURings is dedicated to providing rings of different styles and colors to suit the diversity of our customers and satisfy each special request. Because we believe that each customer deserves a unique design to suit their special personality. Our unique design would perfectly incorporate our customers’ needs and reflect their uniqueness.


This article was written by:

Louis Moore

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