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The man's ring has always symbolized integrity, prosperity and faith. The ring should not only match your lifestyle, but also your character. There are many traditional wedding rings that are suitable for making with tungsten. The tungsten ring is indeed the choice of most men, because it maintains a permanent color and is not easily damaged. Maybe you haven't taken it since the moment you received your tungsten ring, because you don't need to remove the tungsten carbide ring during regular chores or office work.


Black Tungsten Wedding Bands with Matte Brushed and Beveled Edges for Men Women


But over time, the tungsten ring cannot be prevented from getting dirty and stained with dirt and oil. Therefore, cleaning the tungsten ring is necessary. So how to clean the tungsten ring properly?

The surface of the tungsten ring can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened in a mild soap solution. Thanks to its high elasticity and scratch resistance, you can carry out this simple cleaning without worrying about any damage to the ring. Of course, the ring stays open when you wash your hands or wash your hair, and it automatically performs daily cleaning. However, make sure that you do not apply any undue pressure or use a strong detergent because the tungsten ring cannot be polished again like a ring made of traditional metal such as gold or silver.

Use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol to remove stains from oil or lotion from the surface of the ring. Mix alcohol with oil to uncover the original luster of your ring.

Sometimes you may notice that there are more stains on the ring, even if it is repeatedly washed. You can contact us and ask for tips instead of taking more drastic measures, such as using a solution that could damage the ring polish. In most cases, this scratch-like stain is just a layer of oxidized metal in contact with the ring. 

We offer a considerable warranty for all rings. Since the tungsten ring should last a lifetime, be careful. We have a 30-day return policy and lifetime guarantees for you to exchange the size of the ring. If it is a quality issue, we offer a full refund.

The proper care of men's tungsten carbide rings is something you need to pay attention to. Do not use the improper method to clean the tungsten ring. In this case, it is very likely to damage your tungsten ring. After all, the tungsten ring has a possibility of being broken.



This article was written by:

Louis Moore

Jewelry Marketing Expert and Analyst

Guest Editor of several jewelry magazines

Over 10 years of marketing experience in the jewelry market

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