A wedding ring is a promise between two people and a ritual that must be carried out at the wedding. For most people, especially in the United States, it is common to wear wedding bands on the ring finger of the left hand. But why should the ring be worn on the ring finger of the left hand? Do the bride and groom have to do this?


In ancient times, the Romans believed that the blood vessels on the fourth finger of the left hand passed directly to the human heart. Because of this belief, they called this blood vessel a "blood of love." In order to connect the two hearts, they will wear the ring on the finger, symbolizing the common romance of the newlyweds. But in fact, the current biology shows that all people's fingers have a vein connection with the heart.

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The Chinese have come up with a very interesting theory. Put your fingers in your left hand to represent the past, present and future generations in your family. For example, the thumb represents your parents, the index finger represents your brothers and sisters, the middle finger represents you, the ring finger represents your life partner, and the little finger represents your future child. Now put the five fingers together and separate each finger. You will find that your thumb will be separated because you will not be with your parents forever. Now do the same with your forefinger and little fingers; you will see the same result. You won't be with your brothers and sisters forever, and you won't be with your future children forever. Now try to do the same with your ring finger, the ring finger represents your life partner. When you try to separate it, it's not as easy to separate as other fingers, because you and your life partner are going to spend a lifetime together.


In fact, whether you wear a wedding ring in your left or right hand, it is not important to wear which finger. Cause your engagement ring and wedding ring are more than just beautiful jewelry, they also symbolize your commitment to each other and your future experience. They are a firm symbol of your love, from now to forever. Therefore, the final choice is yours.

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